Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our little weed!

On Monday morning I stumbled into the kitchen to grab my morning cup of coffee and went to give the kids a kiss good morning. I was sure it was through my sleepy eyes that Kyah over night looked like she had grown a foot, so I had to check. We have a wall that we measure the kids on and mark, so I grabbed a ruler and shuffled her to the wall. I was not loosing it, she had grown almost 2 inches!!! Keep in mind we have only been home for a month! Next onto the scale, a whopping 6 lbs! I have to say that all of the kids were a little jealous because in our house it's a contest who grows the most on the wall:) I guess making her suffer through the vegetables at meal times is worth it:) I need to do like Jen and take some pictures in her pants now to show the growth!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I truly have not had time to write, but here are a few pics of the kids:) Haha, I mean a couple of the kids!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

1st Trip to the Dr. and Dentist!

This week was a busy one! For some reason I had scheduled Kyah's 1st visit to the Dr. and the Dentist in the same week! What was I thinking!?! I kept thinking....this poor girl is going to feel like a test experiment by the time she is done being searched over from head to toe, and how do you even explain the dentist? If I re-scheduled it would have taken almost 6 months to get an appointment with the Pediatric dentist my kids see. It turned out well in that my other children had their teeth cleaned the day before Kyah, so she was able to watch them and I had to have a blood draw so she held my hand first:) And again she surprised us by being such a trooper!!! I have to brag.... No cavities!! Yeah! And she is healthy as can be, God is good:)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Sisterly love

During the whole adoption process we both worried about our youngest daughter Chloee and how she would respond to a new sister. We thought about this with all of our kids, but she was the one who would be sharing a room and having to make the most sacrifices. Chloee has always been a stubborn girl that doesn't let many people in close, so we have been just in awe with the grace and compassion she has shown to her new sister.

From the moment the girls met it was an instant friendship. Kyah follows Chloee everywhere and the two of them laugh almost constantly. What joy this has brought us! Chloee is teaching Kyah English, and Kyah is teaching Chloee Amharic, it is hilarious to hear them trying to speak with each others accents:) And yes, they have many disagreements too:)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dec. 19th, 2007

This was the 3rd day we had actually been in country, so by this time looking back I think the lack of sleep had caught up to me. The whole trip I kept thinking I was doing fine on a 3 hour rest per night, but I think my emotions told otherwise.

This was the birth parent meeting day....A day I had thought fervently about for many months. I kept pondering as a mother what someone could possibly say to me to make my heart content with the fact that my child would be somewhere clear across the globe in an unknown world to me.

I had finally prepared myself with a list of questions and my husband wrote her a beautiful letter. (I tried, but after the "Dear Birth mother" part I would cry and get stumped) Then with total shock I was told that our daughter would also be present for the meeting!!! Now keep in mind, I had envisioned a mother who 9 months prior had dropped off her little girl at an orphanage and that she had not seen her since then. I was so worried that this wound of abandonment would be re-opened and all this horrible pain would come flooding back! I was a wreck I tell ya, and a sleep deprived wreck at that! What I later found out was that this sweet, gentle, beautiful woman had been coming to see the daughter that she loved with all of her being the whole time she had been at Hannah's Hope!!!

Ok, so now I had a sense of peace and felt that this would be a a positive thing..... a sense of closer for both. I won't go into details that belong to Kyah, but I experienced true, unconditional love and selflessness that day that I will hold in my heart forever. Now she also had pictures of both of her Mama's, (as she calls us).

On a lighter note:) (I might be messing up the days) We went to the famous Starbucks knock-off! For those of you who know me know I am a coffee fanatic, and I was sooooo happy! I think the coffee there was actually better than here in the states. Did I mention before that I purchased 30lbs of coffee!!! I even got to sit where the women hand sort the beans, too fun:) Later that night we went to an Italian restaurant/art gallery. If you go there do not order steak!!! Can you say tough meat:) The lasagna looked great. After a long day we snuggled back into our hotel and waited for our joyous COCKADOOOOODODLDOOOOOO!!

Friday, January 4, 2008


Yesterday was a big day...... Kyah had her 1st day of school! I had planned on home schooling her for at least the rest of the school year, but she definitely had a different idea:) I guess I can understand because all of our other children had entered the school system this year (it has been such a change from home schooling, but good overall) Also she is a very social and outgoing child and really wanted to "go" to school. Anyway, after talking with all of the professionals they put her in 5th grade! This freaked us out a little because that will mean Jr High next year!!! To our surprise she came home very happy and was even more excited to go back today. I am so amazed at how resilient she is, and so strong.
On another note, I have been praying about my posts. I think it is wonderful to be positive, but I also want to be honest to those who choose to adopt and older child. 90% of our 3weeks together have been a joyous time, but with that said, it is not easy! I won't go into private details, but I think it is important to remember that these children, no matter how good the situation, have been "given up" or "left behind" by parents or loved ones. I cannot even imagine the pain that would cause when you are old enough to fully realize that! I was adopted at birth and even then had issues. I guess in all my rambling I am trying to say, that there will be issues and it is "normal". I was feeling a little alone when things came up and thank you to all of you experienced mom's who have gone before us in this journey. Like I said, even with raising 5 kids this is a whole new ball game and at times I feel like a new mom again:) On these days I take comfort in Gods promises and I pray for patience!
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
James 1:2-4

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dec. 18th, 2007

Again waking up before sunrise, I think I made it until 4:00 today:) After breakfast we walked to HH and began the process of sorting all of the donations, what a task!!! I am so glad we were able to help Almaz with this because she already does so much! I cannot say enough wonderful things about that incredible lady! Then off to a busy day of shopping, this I am sad to say I am a pro at:) What a wonderful experience. I loved meeting all of the store owners and digging in the shelves for hidden and forgotten treasures. We came home with some beautiful pieces we will be able to pass down to the kids. My favorite thing though has to be an old canvas painting we purchased at a basket store along the road, It is gorgeous!!! Later that night we went back to the same Ethiopian restaurant we went to the night before but this time with all of the families! Too fun! They all made fun of me because I love Tej, ( a traditional fermented honey drink) I had gone on and on about it so we ordered two for us all to share.... I ended up drinking most of it, but thank you Chris for helping out:)

I'm sorry my posts are getting so boring, I hate that some of my vivid excitement has worn off due to my crazy 6 kid household! Just kidding, it's not them..... I just have to think a lot harder to remember what happened on each day, I must be getting old:)