Thursday, May 22, 2008

Silly update

As some of you know I am back in school now...that explains the infrequent blogging. It's bugging me that I can't remember things as well as I could when I was younger! I blame it on kids, I tell them they are brain suckers and they tell me I am the brain sucker. So I may be at times:-)

Life Update: (this week)

Mason: Ready for school to be out!!!

Kaymi: Enjoying the weather, and track

Kyah: Learning to be a pre-teen, a little snotty (unfortunately)

Caden: Won an academic award at school, and loves track too

Chloee: Excited for auditions in the youth worship band at church, snotty too:)

Chase: Finally loving to read! Got punched in the nose! can you believe in Kindergarten!?

Stacy: work,work,work

Me: study, yell, clean the house, study, study, study! heehee:)

Hope to write a real post here one of these days!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

~All Because Two People Fell In Love~

I was so excited to have a "real" family picture taken with ALL my kiddo's! Our friend is a photographer and here are some fun pics she took:)

(Mom, yes there are more on her website:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kyah's First Feild Trip

Last week Kyah had another first~ a field trip:) The idea of leaving school with the rest of the class (and her mom) was funny to her, but exciting too.

I am realizing I have become a lazy mom for my youngest two. With the older three it seemed I was always the class mom, going on every field trip, planning all the holiday parties, etc..... This year I am really trying to be "that Mom" again, and finding my way back has been tiring! It's not that I didn't do those things with Chloee, and Chase, it just wasn't with the same pizazz and perfection. (probably because I knew how much effort it took, and because we were home schooling) It's kind of funny, but I think it took less effort when we were home schooling:)

Anyway, the field trip was wonderful, thanks to the beautiful sunshine! We went to an art museum and the kids were able to make sculptures with clay, Fun! I wanted to dig in , but I was supposed to be helping the kids:) Then on we walked to the city library where Kyah found as many books on Ethiopia as she could. It was so cute because all of her classmates huddled around her while she showed them pictures and told stories.... Oh, how I hope she holds on tight to those memories. The bus ride home about put us adults to sleep, and I have to say I don't know how those kids make it all day with just lunch. I was starving!!!

~Another wonderful memory~

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank You Cindy!

As I am now getting ready for my summer semester, going on field trips, track meets and soccer games, and business is finally picking up, I have some how spaced posting about our son Mason! So thanks to Aunt Cindy for your e-mail, and the same goes to you:)
(do you think he likes that sweatshirt or what!?! I just noticed that in every picture he has that thing on!!!!)

Our "hairy man boy," aka: Mason.

Wow, as I am thinking of what to write the thought that keeps circling my head is 15 (and the 1/2 of course!) Where did the time, years, go??? The once mischievous, hyper, goofy, super active little boy that once was has now grown into a mellow, and quite hilarious teen. Mason is a blast to be around and a WONDERFUL big brother.

This past year Mason decided to finally take up football, it had been almost 7 years without a sport. He loved it and did very well keeping his team motivated:) Who would of thought! He was a lineman because of his size, but that boy can run and we thought he would have made a great receiver.....coaches know best! Computers still continue to be his love. We are hoping he will find a career in the cyber world that he will truly enjoy.