Sunday, April 20, 2008

What in the world! I thought it was Spring!

I am not a big fan of snow in the winter...I know I live in MT. get used to it right:-) But I am even less of a fan when it snows 2 inches in April!!!

Just yesterday we were out working on the tree house and it was a beautiful spring day. When I woke up this morning there is a full white blanket of fresh snow laid out on our yard that was trying really hard to turn green:( I won't include any pictures.....too depressing, but here are some of the crazily high tree house my husband and kids are building). I am not completely sure why it is so high, but my hubby reassures me that he is taking safety precautions! For those of you who don't know, my husband is a contractor so every project he does turns into an elaborate piece of art. I will post more pictures when it's completed, these are of the first day he started:-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer!!!!

Yes, that would be 4 Soccer's in the title because that is how many soccer games we have each and every Sunday! I really am not complaining, this past Sunday was absolutely beautiful (we all have painful sunburns as proof), but it does make for a long day.

I have to brag about Chase! My little man is such a little stud, the only two goals his team scored were from his little (yet powerful) foot:) He is one tough little man. In the picture above he is stopping the only goal the other team "almost" scored.

Off to bed for me, just thought I would share a little piece of our weekend:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Straight teeth HURT!!!

It is almost a right of passage in America to have braces....,or at least in the Lockhart Household:) Kyah is now the 4th child in our family to have metal cemented to her teeth. After being in school for around a month Kyah expressed to me that her teeth were crooked and that most of her friends were in the process of having theirs fixed. I explained to her that the dentist had referred her to an Orthodontist but that I thought she might want to wait for a little while, and that it hurts too. She jumped up and said, "I want braces, it is OK if it hurts"! So here we are a couple months later and another $5000 in the hole:) I know how it sounds, but she did "need" to go. Because of her age they said if we waited to long she would have a lot longer process and it would be even more costly. I am happy for her too because I know this is something that she only dreamed about in Ethiopia.

On a side note, I promise I will get around to the story of My love and I. I just seem to never have the time to even turn on my computer. I have to give credit to you mom's who keep up on their blogs, I truly don't know how you do it:)