Friday, January 23, 2009

Where to begin??? I have not posted in a while for many reasons....the main reason is simply that I have not a minute of free time! I wasn't even able to get Christmas cards out this year! Who knows, maybe you will all get a Happy Summer card:-)

Summery: Stacy is working out of town, but driving back and forth everyday.....leaves at 5, home just before the kids are going to bed. The work is a huge blessing, but it has been really hard on the kids and I; we are so used to him being here!

I'm still plugging away in school. This next semester will be one of my busiest and most mentally challenging, but also is supposed to help me the most for preparing to take the MCAT.

Mason still hates school, but I guess most 16 yr olds do. Not much else is new.

Kaymi is entering the scary world of boys....need I say more! I'm just thankful she has sports to keep her REALLY busy!

Kyah just celebrated her 13th birthday, and one year in America! The past few months have been hard for her. I can't even imagine coming to a new country as a young teenager and trying to not only have to learn all about a completely different culture, but also go through "teenager hood" at the same time, yikes!

Caden is now obsessed with tying flies and hoping to make money selling them to local fishing shops. He's enjoying himself and getting pretty good:-)

Chloee is very much enjoying 4th grade and she just made the all city girls honor choir!

Chase is preparing for his 1st "Friday night fight" in Taekwondo. I'm scared for his opponent if he competes with him like he does on the garbage can,hehee:-)

There is a little update in the life of the Lockharts! Not too terribly exciting, but always busy:-)