Sunday, November 16, 2008

3 hrs and lots of hair pulling:-)

I have to say that this girl has the tightest hair I have ever worked on! Almaz had joked with us about the hours it would take, but WOW:-) Kaymi and I did have fun with this project this weekend and Kyah LOVES it.


Michael and Michelle said...

It makes her look so much older!! She is beautiful!


The Redman's said...

OH- I love it!! And I agree with Michelle... she's absolutely beautiful and it does make her look older!!

Thanks for sharing. :)

Sandee said...

So looks so grown up! ah oh! :)

Outdrsycple said...

Wow! She is so beautiful. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the last year.


I ditto what others have said. She is just gorgeous! Her hair looks great! Aleena would love it if I did that too!!
jen in mi

Mommy, Momma, Mom and sometimes Babe :) said...

Wow! Kyah looks like she's well into high school! Of course, she's always beautiful but I bet this has been an exciting thing for her to feel "made up". Good job Mom!


awitha said...

Hi, i didn't know how else to ask you these things, so i thought I would post on here-we are looking at adopting through All God's Children and we live in Oregon, and got your story from the list on the agency’s website. We have so many questions-so I will just list them below and see if you can answer some, mainly how your experience went with them, etc.. Sorry they are so many-we are just starting the process, so we have lots of unknowns! Thank you so much for your time-amber

1. what was the home study like?

2. When you adopted, did you request a certain age and boy/girl and if so, how long was the wait for the referral? How long from application till you got your child?

3. We are concerned about Hepatitis B and HIV, and I know they test for them, but we are looking to adopt an infant, so often HIV won’t show up until like 6 months I believe, did they indicate how sure they can be that they don’t have the diseases, do they only test them one time (or before referral/before travel)?

4. What are some health issues that are commonly faced when returning home with the kids and what can you do about them/did your doctor re-do the immunizations?

5. Were you able to select things that you would take regarding health/diseases, etc. before they referred a child?

6. What would you say the airfare costs for an adult, an infant and possibly a 10 year old-if we take our son with us? On that note, would you take a 10 year old with you? J

7. What airline do you recommend? How many hours was the flight-where did you stop? What were the flights like? how were customs?

8. Where did you stay/where would you recommend staying while there and what was it like? How long were you there and at what point did you receive your child? Are you ever able to meet the child’s family? Were you able to sight-see around to see the city, etc.-is it safe?

9. What was the food like-did you get sick? Do you have to take your own water? Did the doctor recommend you take any medications with you for you or the child?

10. Did you take anything to give out at the orphanage/donate to the caregivers? Do you just pack it separate or pay to take another bag?

11. Do you have any tips or ideas/websites to help fund the adoption?

12. What immunizations did you get before going? Where did you go to find this out?

13. What are some tips for bonding with an infant or toddler? What was it like at first when you got home?

14.Any hair-care tips?

Thank you again so much-sorry it is so many questions! Amber

Katie said...

Found your blog while looking for a home decor item (lol) What a beautiful family you have.
In Christ,

Jessica Lauren said...

Good Evening! I recently stumbled upon your blog while researching adoption topics, what a wonderful discovery. I have started a new phase in my adoptee process and would love your support and words of wisdom. I am new to the international adoption reunification process and have reached out to the world wide web for guidance.

I can be located at, this is a new journey and a wonderful time in my life to explore. Please join me!