Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to reality....for 3 weeks!

I had my last day of class on the 24th to finish up my summer semester~yahhhh! I am having so much fun being back in school, but it is nice to have nothing to do for a couple of weeks. (This explains my lack of posts!)

On the 25th we left town and headed for Vegas for some R&R...or so we thought:-) We ended up getting up bright and early everyday and heading from one activity or another; it was so much fun! We brought my parents with us, what a God send!!! They took the older kids on outings that the younger ones weren't interested in or it was to late at night for, (swimming with sharks, and midnight light shows!)

Here are just a few pics of our family friendly Vegas vacation!!!! (my parents took better pictures, so there may be more to come:-)