Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yes, we are dorks!

Kyah is getting so tall!

New hair cut:)
Best buds
Chase at his Kindergarten graduation.....he was really embarrassed!

I have been trying to find time to blog......but I have yet to find the time! So here are some pictures instead:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Last weekend we finally broke away from the craziness of life and snuck away to one of our favorite places. Caden's Birthday wish was to go fishing, and since his birthday fell on a Thursday we thought the weekend would be a better fit:-) (he turned 12) It was a great escape, and Kyah caught her first fish!

This weekend we are celebrating Kaymi's Birthday, (hers is on Monday and she will be 14) But the only thing on her brain is shopping! According to her this can only include her and I.....girls day out!

I think Kyah is starting to get a little jealous about the birthdays. Everyone in our family has a birthday before her, but at least by that time she will know exactly what she wants to do.

Yikes, I just realized that will mean we will have 3 official teens!!!